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Four Secrets to a Fantastically Grilled Fish

One thing to bear in mind when grilling fish, it’s not just the kind of fish you cook, but it’s what the fish can give you after grilling. After all, you want a fantastic fish meal you and your guests will enjoy with a bubbling wine. So knowing what to do is worth all the effort.

Help With Choosing a Grill

Buying a new grill can be a complicated process but with a little effort you can find a grill that is just right for you. The two issues that make buying a grill complicated are not taking the time to determine what type of grill you really want and choosing between all the different brands. To determine what type of grill you really want ask yourself the following questions and make sure you write down your answers.

Weber Genesis E-310 – All You Should Know About This Grill

There are numerous gas grills that are out in the market today but one of them stands out most, the Weber Genesis E-310. Your picnic during the weekends will be more exciting and fun-filled if you can cook for your loved ones and other members of the family, then you should buy Weber Genesis E-310 as your main partner for your outdoor cooking needs.

Gas Barbeque Solutions – Why Choose a Gas Barbeque?

Picnic enthusiasts, backyard barbecue enthusiasts and all who love to entertain will definitely know and understand the fun, laughter and good times that friends, family and comrades can derive from a good barbecue. And some of the best barbecues are definitely those whipped up on gas barbecue grills. There are various advantages of using gas barbecue grills compared to other grills such as charcoal.

Weber Q-300 – Five Important Benefits of Using This Grill

Do you want to cook your favorite barbeques in a weekend but you’re current gas grill is giving you a lot of headache? Why still stick to your old barbeque grill if there’s a more convenient way to heat up your weekends and roast up your meat and hot dogs with the new Weber Q 300 Gas Grill. Your barbeques will surely taste better than before with Weber Q-300, a top quality modern gas grill from the maker of innovative grill machines, the Weber brand.

Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker – 3 Important Factors You Should Consider

The Weber Smokey Mountain cooker is one of the new inventions of Weber Smokey Mountain. Even newbies will love it because it is easy to use and you can expect to get the best slow cook barbecue. Unlike other lower quality smoker, this Smokey Mountain cooker makes the best smoked barbeque meat you never expect. The best thing about the Weber Smokey Mountain cooker is that it is time tested and received many awards for quality and excellence. It is also used by many people in cooking competitions and the results are undeniably perfect. That is why it is the top selling among other brands and models in its class.

Weber Q320 – Eight Benefits of Using This Gas Grill

This article aims to help people who are planning to buy the Weber Q320 portable propane barbeque (BBQ) gas grill of the Weber series from Weber-Stephen Products LLC, the leading and popular manufacturer of gas grills and other BBQ accessories in the United States. Remember, reading a Weber Q320 review first will enable you to make a better decision.

Cooking Fantastic Paella Outdoors

Cooking paella over an open fire is a great way to entertain. This brief article covers the basic approach to cooking paella outdoors on flame.

Meteor Barbecue Review

The Meteor Barbecue from Outback was introduced in 2011 and is designed to fill the gap in the Outback range between the Omega gas barbecues and the Excelsior and Spectrum at the high spec end of the range. With more features than the Excelsior 3 burner but for a lot less money, something has to be missing from the Meteor right?

How to Season Hamburger Patties

Nothing says summer quite like hamburgers and hot dogs just off the grill. Hamburgers taste better if they are seasoned. The trick is to get just the right amount and the flavors you love. Here are some suggestions for your next barbecue.

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