Baking Ingredients Temperature Guidelines: Room Temp vs Chilled Ingredients | Traeger Grills

Throwing A Party? 3 All You Can Eat Catering Options

If you’re planning a party, one of the first things you need to decide is what food to serve. An all you can eat buffet featuring items like BBQ, lasagna or DIY sandwiches can be a great choice.

Simple Cooking Tips to Consider Before You Start Grilling on a Gas Grill

When you start to cook on a gas grill, it helps to know some basic things before you start preparing delicious food on it. This is especially true if you’ve never cooked on this type of unit before. The first thing to consider before you begin cooking, is that you’ve got to allow the grille to have ample time to become very hot. Just remember when preparing meats and vegetables on this type of unit, you have to be patient, at first, but always have a good time, as well.

Weber Gas Grills: There’s Something For Everyone

Nowadays when we hear the word ‘barbeque’ we often associate it with the Weber brand name, an association well deserved, as Weber has released some quality products. Indeed, I might even go far as to say that it has been so successful that ‘Weber’ (like ‘Hoover’) seems to have become a generic term used to describe any kind of barbeque device. Weber grills use either natural or propane gas and have a reputation for being sturdy and affordable. If you’re in the market for a gas grill, my suggestion would be to start by looking at Webers.

Reasons to Purchase Natural Gas Grills

If you are in search for a quality yet affordable outdoor cooking unit that can attend to your grilling needs, getting a natural gas grill is an excellent choice to consider. Natural gas grills work by utilizing natural gas to cook various foods. These grills are perfect for all outdoor celebrations, camping trips, and beach parties. They are available in various sizes, colors, designs, and features. Basically, the greater the number of advanced features the unit has to offer, the more expensive it gets.

How To Know If You Are At A Braai Or A Barbecue

Not sure what a braai is? Find out more about this traditional South African cultural institution with this light-hearted look at the differences between a braai and a barbecue.

The Various Types of Gas Grill

If you are looking for the best gas grill for your home and outdoor use, you might get surprised to see a large collection of different types and styles of gas grills available in the market today. With approximately 75% of the entire US households having their own grill, there is no doubt why many gas grill manufacturers continue to develop and produce more and more state-of-the-art models of gas grills to cater the ever increasing demand of the public. Some of the most trusted and best selling brands when it comes to gas grills are Char-Broil, Ducane, Fiesta, Jenn-Air, Kenmore, Napoleon, Vermont Castings and Weber.

When to Throw a Grilling Party or Dinner

You have plenty of times to throw a grilling party or grilled dinner. Most people love the taste of grilled food so even in winter months, make a special dinner for yourself, your spouse or significant other and/or family as well as family members and friends. Month to month suggestions.

Labor Day Cookout

Many people travel for the three day extended weekend of Labor Day. You may be meeting family and/or friends and camping out or staying at a lodge. A fun thing to do is to have your friends/family bring their own meat. Make sure all of you agree on the same meet. Each person can be responsible for grilling their own meat.

Getting the Most From Your Gas Grills and Barbecue

It’s fun to cook with a grill, but it takes work. Here are some tips to get the best meal ever.

Grilling for the Carnivore – What Meats Are Perfect for Grilling?

I have been grilling meat for almost 35 years, and I never get tired of eating a well cooked piece of meat hot of the grill. After all the various meats that I’ve eaten, I think I know a thing or two about what types of meat can be perfect for grilling. In this article we will only be discussing grilled foods.

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