Chicken Kabobs & Smoked Chickpea Coconut Curry with Chef Jason Fullilove

Creating Your Own Barbecue Sauce

Everyone loves a good barbecue. People would often search in the Internet for the best recipes for barbecue sauces. Is there really a single sauce that would suit all the tastes of everybody? For most of the people, they would often stick to the basics and use their tried and tested secret family recipe. Others would just buy a sauce and use it straight from the bottle. There are so many options that you can not go wrong in making barbecues.

Barbecues in Tropical Countries

Barbecues can be found all over the world and it’s a staple in tropical countries like the Philippines. The country has been known as one of best tourist spots in the world. One of the things that foreigners love is its exotic food and unique flavors.

Beer Jellies in Barbeque Sauces

As most people know, a basic barbeque sauce is usually a balance of sweetness and tartness. They are often associated with a particular part of the country. There is Texas BBQ, St. Louis BBQ, Memphis BBQ, Carolina BBQ, etc…

Grilling Steak – How to Marinate a Steak Before Grilling

While starting the perfect steak for grilling there are a few items that come in handy to complete such a task, your first step is to choose the right steak for you, being your choice of course! I am going to use strip steaks to illustrate in this technique.

What Is Charcoal Smoker Grilling?

Charcoal smoker grills are slow cooker barbeque grills with the ability to produce moist favorable meats and vegetables. They make more tender texture and a much richer flavor in foods. They can do double duty as a regular barbeque grill and as a smoker grill.

Choosing a Grill

Are you choosing your first outdoor barbeque grill? There are thousands of grill options available when you are purchasing your first grill. It may seem overwhelming, but knowing the difference between each type of grill will help you make an easier decision.

What to Consider When Buying a Grill

Buying a grill may seem intimidating for some people. Others overestimate themselves and end up bringing home the wrong type of grill. However, buying this wonderful kitchen tool is fairly simple once essential questions are considered and answered.

Grilled to Perfection

For some people, grilling can be a deceivingly simple cooking method. Understanding the process of grilling as well as the food being cooked will help any clueless person prepare truly flavorful dishes.

Grill Maintenance and Safety

Grilling is a gateway to fun-filled summer barbecues and heartwarming gatherings. Adopting a regular maintenance scheme makes it possible for families to get the best out of their grills and, ultimately, ensure everyone’s safety.

Grilling – Will It Leave You Sizzling Hot or Dead Cold?

Grilling used to be considered as merely a fun way to spend the summer. Nowadays, health experts and prudent individuals direct their focus on the other benefits of grilling. Still, like all other seemingly good things, grilling also comes with its own share of criticisms and concerns.

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