First Light, Burn Off, and the Pre Season Explained | Z GRILLS 11002B Pellet Grill | 4K

First light, burn off, and the pre season explained in a detailed step-by-step guide. Today’s show is all about what to do first when you first light your brand new Z GRILLS. We show you first light, burn off, and the importance of pre-seasoning your new pit. Everything is broken down into easy-to-follow chapters!

These instructions are for all including the 11002B..
ZPGD-1100 2B/ ZPGD-1100 2BPRO ZPGD-705 2B/ ZPGD-705 2B2/ ZPGD-705 2B3
any questions?

Some Features about the 11002B:
* With Wifi, the app;
* Temps Within +/-10 °F
* 28 hopper size, 1068 sq. in cooking size, two-wire grates;
* Build quality: Fully Fully Insulated Construction including the lid and the chamber
* 5-degree increments;
* hopper cleanout,
* front shelf, cutting board;
* keep warm model, super smoke model, timer
* Concealed Grease Management;

Easy to follow chapters!

0:00 Welcome
1:01 Remove grates, warming rack, and heat deflector
1:25 Check for foreign objects
1:43 Power up the unit
1:55 Confirm auger is turning
2:06 Confirm fan is blowing and glow plug is on(heat)
2:14 Power the unit down
2:47 Fill the hopper
2:59 Power the unit up and turn to high(500f)
3:13 Wait for the first drop of pellets(This could take up to 5 minutes)
3:51 Power the unit up and wait for the flame
4:57 PRO TIP! PRE-SEASON your pit!!
5:09 Return all grates, warming rack, and heat assembly
6:00 Let’s make some fire!!!!!!!!!
6:38 Close lid and tun pit up to 500f for 45 minutes.
6:45 Closing thoughts!


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