Focaccia Bread Recipe & How to Make it | Traeger Grills

How to Use a Grill Pan

Here is some guidance on how to get the most out of an under utilized piece of kitchen equipment, the grill pan! Who knew grilling indoors could be so easy!

Tips When Using A Charcoal Smoker

A charcoal smoker is a bit dated especially with the price of natural gas and propane used to fuel barbeques. But charcoal smokers can be great for preparing simple meals to give your meats an extra smoked flavor. If you like barbecue and food that has been grilled then you will appreciate the flavor that a charcoal smoker gives to your food.

How to Grill Perfect Fish Every Time!

Often times people find the task of cooking fish on the grill very intimidating.  Truthfully, using the correct technique for the type of fish you are cooking, it can be far easier than one might expect!  Complete the following easy steps to grill a flawless piece of fish every time.

All You Need To Know About Electric Smokers

For anyone who loves good food, finding equipment that makes preparing exceptional food can be exciting. Modern smokers are a pleasure to use; electric smokers cut the job of smoking food shorter without sacrificing the woodsy flavor that comes from traditional smoking. If you are a fan of smoked food, having an electric smoker on your patio can be just as essential as owning a kettle to boil water.

You Smoke the Brisket, I Will Bring the Sides

If you’re like me then you like to eat a few sides with your BBQ. My personal favorites are potato salad and coleslaw. A must have at any get together in the south. I haven’t done it in a while but I used to invite a couple dozen people over and BBQ the afternoon away.

BBQs Galore and Huntington

As I opened up the cover to my grill, began wire brushing down the grates and removing the flakes of metal and rust, it was pretty apparent that it was time to look at investing in a new unit. Gazing at this broken down, ten year old cooker, I pondered what my new and improved barbecue would be like.

Tips For Winter Grilling

Now that the summertime is almost over, some people are thinking about packing up their grills for the year. I was never the type of person who liked winter so I hate the fact that summer is almost over, but that does not mean you have to stop grilling. Winter grilling is actually pretty easy to do and is basically the same as regular grilling, but I find that a lot of people just don’t want to do it.

How To Roast A Savory Whole Chicken And Potato Wedges On Your Charcoal Grill

I recently read about chickens in the Consumer Guide magazine. The review said that Foster Farms chickens have a higher than acceptable bacteria level. A friend of mine told me that every time he eats chicken at El Pollo Loco, he has gastric disturbances. Before I stopped eating Foster Farms chicken and El Pollo Loco chicken, I also had gastric disturbances from the same food products. I thought that there was something wrong with me. I even tried probiotics, thinking that the problem was mine.

Never Done A Barbecue Before? Here Are Some Great Hints And Tips

When the sun is shining brightly in the sky it usually means barbecue time for so many people on a global scale. If you are looking for some new ideas or you have never done a barbecue before then rest assured you will come away with some extra knowledge right here today.

Two Kinds of Barbecue Heroes!

There’s the barbecue person who wishes he were in the old west and then there is the guy who thinks he knows everything there is to know about the subject. Which one are you?

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