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The Secret to the Perfect Burger Patty

A hamburger is a quintessentially American food that has found many admirers all over the world. They are a must at every outdoor gathering such as a picnic or barbecue and many Americans love to order them when they go out to eat. A hamburger is basically a ground beef patty sandwiched inside a bun along with a variety of toppings.

Fixings for Your Burger: How to Make It More Interesting

A hamburger is one of the most delicious things that Americans eat. It is therefore no wonder why burgers are now getting popular all over the world. A hamburger makes a great meal for an outdoor event because very people can resist the smell and sound of meat sizzling on the grill.

Tips To Grill a Burger Perfectly

Burgers are eaten so often all over the United States that most people assume that it does not require too much effort to make them perfectly. However, you need to know how to grill a hamburger properly so that you bring out the best taste of the meat. The perfect hamburger requires the correct ingredients in the right combination but it is also very important to cook it correctly.

Useful Griddler

Everybody loves foods like sandwiches, hamburgers, and also hotdogs. They are ones of the most wanted foods in all of countries in the world. In fact, these foods are really cheap to buy, but they are not easy and fast to make.

Why a Barbeque Is So Much Fun!

Step outside on just about any weekend day during the summer and chances are you will smell the nice smell of someone cooking on the barbeque grill. This holds true for holidays such as the 4th of July, Memorial Day, and Labor Day. The main reasons that barbeques are so great are that the food tastes so great when it comes off of a grill, and it is time for family and friends to gather.

Which Is Better? Gas or Charcoal Grills?

Which kind of grill is better for me, a gas grill or charcoal grill? Gas grills are quicker but charcoal grills have that camp fire taste. Read on and decide for yourself.

Grilled Salmon With Basil BBQ Sauce

I placed my salmon in the oven at 350 degrees for another 10 minutes. Make sure that you do not over-cook the fish in the oven. The salmon should be nice and moist. While the fish was finishing in the oven, I started my BBQ Sauce…

BBQ Salads – Bringing In The Smoky Flavor

Salads are not only healthy, but with the right mix of various ingredients can create interesting recipes. Every effort has to be made to blend the salad with the main course to enhance the enjoyment from the meal. Using the imagination one can come with the best assortments that can make a perfect accompaniment to any meal.

How To Defeat The Bugs At Your BBQ Party

It’s excellent to invite pals to your gas barbecue get together – what’s not so great is when tiny visitors arrive uninvited. Not what you would like at your charcoal barbecue gathering is a swarm of wasps or an army of little bugs looking to get in on the action. An insect’s party techniques, including climbing up table legs and flying around peoples faces, will not only annoy your guests, but might even bring them inside, so here’s the way to deal with the problem…

Great BBQ Marinade Tips and Recipes

Nothing tenderizes and provides flavors to meat like a good marinade. Despite being a popular practice amongst BBQ enthusiasts, only a few truly understand the process and the important elements that contribute to achieve a tender and juicy piece of meat.

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