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Advantages of Gas Grills Over Charcoal Grills – What You Need To Know Before Buying

Are you thinking of buying a new gas grill? Find out why this is a better choice compared to charcoal grills.

Grilling Your Way To Greatness

Outdoor grills are fun. It’s a wonderful activity that a family can enjoy. If you are designated to cook, you have to grill foods to perfection. It should be the food wherein all the members of your family keep on asking for more. You don’t need to have a culinary degree to be the best barbecue man. What you need to are the basics from choosing wood chips to getting a meaty and juicy meat.

BBQ Pork Rub Recipe

Today I will cover a couple of ideas for BBQ Rubs. A barbecue rub will enhance the flavor and aroma of what you grill or smoke. In different parts of the country there are different regional tastes. Some will be spicy some areas

Guide To Using Charcoal On Your Gas Grill

Gas grills just cannot get the smoky taste of grilled foods often given by charcoal grills. Find out how you can use charcoal on your gas grill.

Smoking Turkeys – Slow Cook Turkey With Smoke On Any Grill

If you’re tired of the ho-hum boring roasted turkey you make in your oven every year, you should consider smoking turkeys in your back yard. A properly smoked slow cook turkey will result in a succulent, juicy bird that your friends and family will remember for years.

Arkla Embermatic Preway BBQ Grill Designs and Replacement Grill Parts

Arkla BBQ grills manufacturers made reliable barbecues for many years. Arkla barbecues made in the 1970’s are still in use today. With very few barbeque grill replacement parts Arkla Embermatic barbecues will grill effectively for many decades. Today barbeque grill manufacturers have gone the way of so many commodities and quality and prices are dropping. Arkla bbq grills are a throwback to earlier times when we took pride in our possessions and repaired our products instead of throwing them away to buy new ones.

Grilling: Outdoor Cooking Method

Grilling is the traditional way of cooking which is highly preferable for outdoor food preparation for ardent grilled food lovers. Grill cooking mainly involves a cooking surface made with porcelain-covered metal web or parallel bars that are placed on the fuel sources such as gas, charcoal, wood, etc. which generates desired heat. It gives you the real experience of enjoying perfect slow-cooked, smoky flavor food of your choice and makes your summer days memorable.

GR-4N Cuisinart Grill Review: A Time Saving Device for Cooking Small Meals

I’ve wrote this article as a result of trying out the GR-4N Cuisinart grill for quite of time. Most of the good and bad things about this kitchen appliance is gathered in one place and explained in details.

Which Portable Charcoal Grill Is Best for You?

Its summertime again and everyone loves to spend their weekends partying with family or friends on a shot vacation simply by cooking delicious grilled smoky food. To enjoy that old fashioned charcoal grill you would like to have one of the best charcoal grills with you for cooking those tasty and yummy sausages, burgers, ribs, chicken and meat.

How To Properly Grill Frankfurters And Hamburger

You can’t have an outdoor party without hamburgers and frankfurters. Find out how you can properly grill them.

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