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Texas Style Brisket

A how to article designed to teach you how to cook a brisket to impress all your friends this summer. Brisket is the staple of backyard BBQ and this one is sure to please.

Why Freestanding Grills Are A Better Choice

Freestanding grills are simply grill units that can be moved; they are not the in-built options that modern homes now come with. Even though most modern homeowners choose to go with the in-built grills, a good number is turning to freestanding grills because of the advantages they offer. Here are some of the facts that make a freestanding grill better than an in-built one.

Essential Tips for Hiring BBQ Catering Services

This article provides relevant and useful tips on how you can find and hire the right BBQ catering service provider. The tips in this article discuss the significant questions you should ask before hiring a BBQ caterer. Also, the article discusses what you should consider before you opt for any BBQ catering service provider.

Tips For Preparing BBQ Wholesale

This article provides relevant tips on how to prepare BBQ wholesale for an event. The article highlights specific things to do during the BBQ wholesale preparation process in order to avoid unnecessary mistakes that can ruin the entire BBQ preparation.

Cuban Hog Roast Menu Ideas For Your Backyard Party

Are you hosting a backyard barbecue party this weekend? Impress your guests with these delightful hog roast menu ideas. These Cuban desserts, side dishes and sauces will make your friends and loved ones remember your get-together and even ask you to host another one.

How To Get The Best Deals On BBQ Grills

Do you need a new barbecue grill for your backyard parties? Do you want to know how to get the best deals on BBQ grills? You are in luck today because this article features tips on how you can get barbecue grills with discounted rates. Check them out and follow them to get the best buy of your life.

Get Ready For Summer BBQ During The Winter

What’s the best time of year to buy a charcoal grill or any other summertime product? In this article I talk about my value wintertime purchase of a Weber charcoal grill. Also, I provide a few grilling tips.

Super Bowl Recipes: Stuffed Burgers

Do you need a recipe for a great burger for your Super Bowl party? Check out this stuffed burger recipe! C

Super Bowl Party Recipes: Baby Back Ribs

Do you need an special BBQ rib recipe for your summer BBQ or a Super Bowl Party? We have one that we think you will love! Read more…

Braai Ideas That You Need to Know About

There is nothing better than being able to relax with your friends around a braai. However, you might want to spice things up a bit and re-inspire the good old fashioned way of doing things which is why these are the braai ideas that you need to know about.

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