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How to make BBQ MEAT CANDY. I’m talking BBQ MEAT CANDY Burnt Ends, Two ways. In this show, we take the more expensive Brisket Point, and the less expensive Beef Chuck and smoke up some BBQ MEAT CANDY BURNT ENDS!!

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Compression Sprayer 1.5 Liter

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Slow smoke/roast your well-marbled chuck/brisket up and into the stall(165f). You want to develop that good color (bark) before wrapping. Once you develop that bark, wrap it in butcher paper and take it up and into toothpick tender. 200+ Total cooking time here, 8 Hours.
Finish by cubing 1×1 inch cubes add the below ingredients, cover and cook till smooshy fall apart. Approximately 1 Hour

Ingredient list
Well-marbled chuck roast(thick)
1/2 stick butter
1/8 cup Honey
1/4 to 1/2 cup BBQ sauce
1/4 cup Brown Sugar

Any questions

Easy to follow chapters!
0:00 Start
2:10 THE S&P Rub
2:55 Starting the Pit
3:16 PRO-TIP (Dirty Smoke)
3:57 Setting the Temp (and the run down)
4:30 let’s talk Temp gauges inside the pit
5:19 The Rundown on today’s cook
6:04 2 Hours in (Rub Set-Up Check, Add Water Pan, Spritz)
6:50 Rub Check(Is it set?)
7:10 Water Pan
7:14 Spritz
8:00 3 Hours In
8:51 The Stall
9:15 Wrap the Chuck
10:10 Now Probe the Chuck(Temp gauge in)
10:41 4 Hours In
11:13 Brisket temp Check
11:21 The Stall
11:53 Chuck looks good(toothpick tender)
12:25 Wrap the Brisket
13:14 Now Probe the Brisket(Temp gauge in)
13:20 PRO-TIP on applying the Temp Guage to the Meat(Brisket)
13:48 Chuck off 4:45 Minutes start to finish
14:12 Let’s make BBQ Candy(Chuck)
14:33 1×1 inch cuts(Cubes)
15:10 Ingredients for BBQ Meat Candy in
16:10 Foil it up and back on the Pit for 1 Hour
16:34 6 Hours in
16:53 Let’s Make BBQ Candy(Brisket)
17:11 Leave Juices in pan
17:15 Toothpick Tender
17:34 1×1 inch cuts(Cubes)
18:00 Ingredients for BBQ Meat Candy in
18:35 Let’s go Live!! (CLOSING THOUGHTS)
19:45 Let’s take a look(the Rundown)
20:19 Taste Test
21:10 the Smooshy Test
21:44 Molly goes crazy
21:50 we will see you soon!



San Antonio Premium Coarse Ground Black (12 MESH)
Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt(2-pack)3Lbs
Amazon Brand – Happy Belly Granulated Garlic, 24 Ounces
These recipes make about 2 lbs. and fit perfectly in a 33oz shaker.


Put all ingredients in a bowl.. All are measured in cups.
Ingredients for the SPG:
1 1/4 Kosher Salt
2 Coarse Ground Black Pepper
1 1/4 Granulated Garlic
Mix all ingredients into a bowl and add to the shaker.

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