How to Make Braised Country-Style Pork Ribs | Traeger Grills

Char Broil Urban Gas Grill Review – Infrared Grill for $300 or a Marketing Gimmick?

Char Broil urban gas grill markets itself as an ‘infrared’ gas grill. In this review, we will see if the grill actually holds up to this claim, or is it using ‘infrared’ merely as a marketing ploy.

How To: Grill Salmon on a Gas Grill

Fish and grill are two words you don’t often hear in the same sentence together, which is quite unfortunate because certain varieties of fish, like Salmon, taste great when grilled. A thick, juicy Salmon steak will add a distinct flavor and variety to your backyard BBQ. The next time you have friends over for a BBQ, why not surprise them with grilled Salmon instead of the same, boring cuts of beef and pork?

How to Choose a Grill

Choosing a grill can be a daunting task. Learn five steps you can use in order to choose the right grill for you and your family’s cooking needs.

Weber BBQ Reviews: Weber 721001 Smokey Mountain Cooker Smoker Review

Our Weber BBQ Reviews Team went deep into all the reviews given by the real users of Weber 721001 Smokey Mountain Cooker 18 1/2 Inch Smoker. After this it analyzed them in detail. Then it took out the gist of it all. It is this gist that is now being presented in front of you here on this page. Our team has made everything easy for you by providing all the details about the product. Now you can decide for yourself whether it meets your requirements or not.

Portable Weber Charcoal Grills

This is an overview of the three different portable charcoal grills offered by Weber. While they are all good grills there are significant differences between them.

Real Barbecue Takes Effort and a Good Grill

These days there are various kinds of grilling and smoking machines and different types of cooking methods. There are hundreds of different types and styles of grills and each one gives a unique flavor. Each kind of machine or method is going to offer its own appeal for different cooking situations. Some individuals are so crazy about BBQ that they can own 75 grills or more.

Barbecue Ribs

The secret in the best barbecue ribs is not necessarily in the sauce itself, but more on the preparation procedure. For the best barbecue ribs, it is advisable that you combine boiling and grilling process. Reduce the grilling time for your ribs by boiling them first before grilling them in low heat. Doing this also ensures the tasty juices are kept inside the meat before slicing them.

Developing Your Signature Barbecue Sauce

Time to tailgate, so don’t be caught without your barbecue sauce! Whether it is Carolina sauce, Memphis style, Kansas City style barbecue sauce, Texas style, you can make the crowd-pleaser that fits your menu. Different sauces have their signature flavors and heat, and you can pattern after them and add your own special ingredients to please your family and friends.

How to Keep Your Meats Savory and Full of Flavor

Steaks are great, especially if you know how to enhance the natural flavor. Here are some simple ways to enhance the flavor of steak and all meat when you are grilling out, especially when you are camping.

How to Make Barbecue Sauce

A great barbecue sauce is what makes an ordinary meat more special to grill. That’s why there’s almost no great barbecue that doesn’t invest a lot in preparing a good sauce. It’s also no secret that many people have their secret recipe for a good barbecue marinade.

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