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Prepare Yourself For Grilling

A lot of people are looking into outdoor cooking and outdoor cuisine nowadays. Grilling used to be an afternoon barbecue affair, but now people are constantly using grilling even for breakfast.

Every Day Healthy Fit Grilling

With Memorial Day here, it’s grilling season and as I looked at this week’s menu my first thought was that I have to get the grill fired up but do it in a healthy way – and think beyond the fatty ribeyes I ate regularly for so many years. This article discusses how to cook great food on the grill while keeping it healthy.

How Does An Electric Grill Really Work?

When you hear someone say that they are going to bring the grill into their kitchen, you might think that they’re crazy. However, using an electric grill is a great way to do this safely and conveniently. The concept of grilling with electricity is not new, but a lot of people still don’t understand the process. Here is just a little bit of information about how electric grills work.

What’s The Best Indoor Grill George Foreman Makes?

If you enjoy freshly grilled food, then you probably already know about the craze that is taking over the country – indoor grilling. The undisputed master of electric indoor grills is George Foreman. His product line has taken over store shelves for years. There is a model that is just about any budget and any family size. There are also models that work great for college dorm rooms and singles who don’t need to make much food at one time. But, what’s the best grill George Foreman has ever made?

3 George Foreman Grills Worth A Second Look

Grilling is not what it used to be. Some of us are even too lazy to go outside when we want grilled food. So, when it comes to grilling inside, George Foreman grills are at the top of the list when it comes to taste, price and features. They allow you to prepare freshly grilled food no matter what time of year it is. Even though there are dozens of different kinds of Foreman grills, there are a few models that are definitely worth a second look. Even if you’re not interested in buying an indoor grill, chances are good that you’ll still find yourself intrigued by these three unique grilling a machines.

Gas Smoker Information

Are you a barbecue person? Do you like smoking your food? Do you hate cleaning the ashes after cooking?

10 Tips on How to Grill Almost Anything

Grilling is a universal way of cooking food. Wherever you go and whatever you plan on doing, every culture and country will have their own version of grilled dishes that will surely entice you to eat more.

Electric Smokers – Healthy and Versatile Cooking Units

Electric smokers are considered healthy and reliable cooking devices suitable for both residential and commercial needs. These units primarily consist of different temperature controls vital to cook various types of meat, fish and vegetables.

Global BBQ Cultures

While many regional cultures have made claim to inventing barbecue its invention most likely originated with the discovery by cavemen how to make fire. Some may argue that BBQ and grilling are 2 different things but I think there is more to learn and more flavors to enjoy when the term is simpler – meat, spice, fire.

Char-Grilled or Grill-Charred?

Murphy’s Law rears it’s ugly head again. “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.”

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