Lemon Pepper Wings with AB

Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings – Better than Wingstop Lemon Pepper Wings with AB from @Smokin’ & Grillin’ wit AB

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Lemon Pepper Wings with AB

Coming from a certified wing junkie…You gotta try these! My man AB made the trip all the way from Los Angeles to hang out with me this past week. Of course I took him around to a few of my favorite local joints but what I really was excited about was him showing me his “Better than Wing Stop” Lemon Pepper Wings.

Now chicken wings are my favorite part of the bird. Whether it’s grilled, smoked, or fried I’m always ready to get down on some good wings. I’ve had lemon pepper wings in the past and most of the places I get them at simply cover the wings in a lemon pepper seasoning (probably Tone’s brand) once they’re fully cooked. They’re usually just ok but nothing to right home about; now these AB wings are on a totally different level.

AB starts out with whole wings and cuts them into flats and drummies. The wings are cleaned and dried with paper towel then dredged in a flour mixture but you have to season the flour first that’s important. He presses the flour coating into each wing so that all the little nooks are covered and taps the excess flour back into the bowl. Then the wings are placed on a cooling rack so air can flow around them. To cook these wings AB fries them in 350°F cooking oil until the internal temperature reaches 165° and the outside is a crispy golden brown color. So far everything is pretty standard but now is where he ramps up the flavor.

AB melts 2 sticks of salted butter then adds a healthy dose of lemon pepper seasoning followed by fresh squeezed lemon juice. The lemon juice is what brings fresh citrus flavor to these wings. The wings go in a large bowl about 6 at a time and are drizzled with the butter concoction. After several tosses they’re coated perfectly, the wings are placed on a platter or cutting board but we’re not done just yet.

To drive the lemon flavor home fresh lemon zest is grated over the top and finally a last touch of fresh parsley finely chopped. Now these are real deal Lemon Pepper Wings. They’re tender and juicy with proper crunch on the the outside but the citrus and black pepper flavor shine. The butter combined with the lemon pepper flavors is what it’s all about and I will definitely be making more wings this way!

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