Maple Glazed Ham Recipe

Double-Smoked Holiday Ham glazed with REAL Maple Syrup – Perfect Smoked Ham Recipe for the Holidays

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Maple Glazed, Double Smoked Ham Recipe

– Cooking Rack (AKA Chicken Rack)

Smoking a holiday ham might be the easiest thing there is to smoke!

There isn’t any prep… there is any rubs or brine or injections. You just buy a ham from the grocery store (these are already fully cooked) and you basically just heat it up in a smoked environment instead of in the oven).

And then right at the end… you glaze it with real maple syrup and let that caramelize on the outside.

Now, you might think because it’s so easy it might not be LIGHT YEARS better than cooking the same ham in the oven… but it is. You have to try smoking your Holiday Ham this year. Your family and friends will thank you.

And you can use any smoker or grill for smoking your ham – you just need to set it up for indirect cooking and hold the temps steady between 250-275 for 2 – 2.5 hours. The ham is ready to serve when it’s heated to 140 internal. A quick 20 minute rest and it’s ready to slice and serve!

I personally like the spiral cut hams because you get more flavor inside – and it makes it really easy to cut it off the bone and serve.

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