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Eating Outdoors Can Be A Special Experience

We’ve all been on the occasional picnic, complete with ants, itchy grass and maybe even a few drops of rain. The unpredictability of mother nature can make eating outdoors a hassle.

The American Barbecue and Home Brewed Beer

The American Barbecue. There are many different views of what a barbecue actually is, but they all have the same major things in common; social gathering of friends and family, good food, and some great drinks. Whether it is some barbecued ribs slowly smoked to perfection, or large, juicy cuts of tender strip steak grilled over an open flame, or even a secret family recipe for roasting succulent chicken, the food is one of the main events.

The Best Vegetables to Cook on the Grill

Every time the weather starts to warm up, my grill also starts to get busy heating up. It’s so fun making it possible to cook just about anything on it either inside the kitchen or at the backyard. Summer days for us are also grilled days and among the most favorite foods to grill are vegetables.

The Rules of Grilling

There is something about grilling which brings out the best in foods. Nothing can quite compare to the smoky, toasty and delicately charred taste of foods which are hot off the grill. Whether it is roasted beef steak, pork roast, chicken skewers, grilled fish or vegetable kebobs, grilled foods are certified favorites.

Grill Up Some Great Shiitake Mushrooms

An indoor grill is a great way to prepare all kinds of food. Did you know that you can prepare some great tasting shiitake mushrooms with just a few minutes of your time? Grab your favorite open style indoor grill, whether it’s a George foreman grill or any other brand, and a few shiitake mushrooms around 8 ounces each. This recipe works best with an open style grill that lays flat, rather than a closed style or contact grill that has two sides that close on each other.

What Features Should I Look For On An Indoor Grill?

An indoor grill, like a George Foreman grill, is a great little appliance that plugs right into the wall and allows you to prepare freshly grilled food in your own kitchen. The great thing about an indoor grill is that you can make a meal with that satisfying grill taste during any month of the year (even if it’s snowing outside). There are tons of different brands to choose from when you are shopping for an electric grill, but there are a few features that you should know about before you start your search.

How To Really Take Care Of Your Grill

A barbecue grill can be quite a major investment. Sometimes they can cost upwards of $1000 or more. When you spend that kind of money you need to take some time to learn how to take care of your investment. When it comes to a grill, maintaining it needs to become a habit. You should make sure that your grill is cleaned thoroughly after every use. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a electric indoor grill like the Breville Smart Grill, a charcoal model like a Weber grill or even a gas grill, most of the maintenance tips that follow will not change.

How to Be a Successful Barbecue Cook

Summer is well and truly here. We are spending our days and evenings outside instead of indoors as we make the most of the good weather. ‘Salad days’ are back again but in today’s society the phrase ‘barbecue evenings’ appears more apt.

Four Steps To Opening A Barbecue Stand!

If you are out of work due to lay offs, firing or whatever may be your situation, think about making the best barbeque pork, smoke ribs and roasted chicken anyone can find in your area of the country. Cook it, they will come.

Use Up Your Leftover Grilled Chicken With Amazing Recipes

Tempt your taste buds with leftover chicken recipes. Your taste buds will not be bored!

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