Part Grill, Part Griddle, All Grilla | The Primate is 2021’s Best Outdoor Propane Cooker

Meco Charcoal Grills Reviewed – The Good, Bad, and Ugly

Arguably, the two major contenders in backyard grills are the Weber grills and the Meco charcoal grills. Of the two, Meco is the most inexpensive. In this case however, price isn’t the best deciding factor.

Smoker Grills & Barbeque Smokers Make The Best Food For Parties

Next time you think about hosting a party and you really want to impress people try serving smoked salmon, trout or other smoked meats. One of the most loved flavors we have in this wonderful world is the flavor of smoked foods. There are a lot of options available for smokers as well as wood for smoking. You won’t disappoint when you provide your guests with a sampling of this wonderful preserved food. The problem will come when it runs out and everybody still wants more.

Knowing Proper Vegetable Grilling Times Can Make For A Great BBQ

There are many types of vegetables that taste great when grilled; yet many people don’t know exactly how long to grill them to achieve the best flavor. Grilling vegetables isn’t that hard to do, so long as you follow a few key principles.

Cleaning Cast Iron – Learn The Best Way to Clean Cast Iron Cookware!

When cleaning cast iron, be careful not to put a hot pan into real cold water, this could cause the cast iron to crack because of the extreme temperature change. The most important thing to remember is “Never use soap” or put your cast iron in the dishwasher.

How To Take Care Of Your Grill, Gas And Charcoal

Your grilling machine needs to be maintained regularly. Learn some tips on how to keep your grilling machine in top condition all the time.

The Weber Grill Q 140 Review

This barbecue grilling machine is very unusual in that it is powered by electricity. The Weber Q 140 grill is the result of a lot of development work by the company to produce a grill that is as hot as a standard propane gas or charcoal grill. They have succeeded with this model and you will have no problems cooking all the standard barbecue food on it.

Grilling – Cook Scrumptious Meals

Grilling is a popular form of cooking that is commonly employed during the weekends when the different members of the family get the opportunity to gather outside the house for some barbecue and other great dishes. This type of cooking makes use of the concept of dry heat. In this cooking method, dry heat is channeled onto the surface of the different food items that are being cooked.

Cooking With Electric Grills

Grilling is a cooking method that has long been employed all over the world because of the distinct type of flavor that it gives different food items. Grills used during grilling make use of different systems. Some of these include gas, propane gas, natural gas, charcoal, and electric systems.

Instructions For Grilling Hamburgers

Just about everyone loves hamburgers yet so many cook their hamburgers in a frying pan on a stovetop. This can result in bland and “rubbery” burgers. If you desire burgers with more flavor; then these instructions for grilling hamburgers explain how to grill robust, juicy hamburgers using a basic charcoal grill or even a fire pit.

The Necessity of Grilling With LP Gas

When I was a child, we always cooked with charcoal. When I was really little, gas grills weren’t even invented yet.

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