Pit Boss 1600 vs Z Grills 11002b | Which Is The Better Pellet Grill

Pit Boss 1600 vs Z Grills 11002b in a pellet grill monster showdown. Which is the better pellet grill. We go step by step and compare both the Pit Boss 1600 and the Z Grills 11002b. I take a look at what is important to me. I’ve laid it all out so you can figure out what’s important to you.


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0:00 Start
2:01 Wheels
2:31 Bottom Shelf
2:44 Tool Holders
3:01 Shelves and Workspace
3:49 Smoke Stacks
4:03 Pellet Dump
4:15 Grates and Racks
5:55 Hopper Size
6:13 Griddle
6:22 Flame Broil
6:31 Grease Management
6:51 Some Thoughts
7:29 0-250f is……
8:02 Some Thoughts
9:11 Control Panels
9:57 Speed and Temp Test
10:44 Closing Thoughts

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