Pitforks and Smokerings BBQ

Which is Better – Gas Grills Or Charcoal Grills?

There’s long been a debate going on between those who love the convenience of a gas grill and those who prefer the smokier taste they get using charcoal. Certain foods are better on the different kinds of grills.

Barbecue Vs Grilling – Is Smoked Meat Better Than Grilled Meat? No, it is Not

Quick discussion about eating more and talking less barbecue. Smoked vs grilling, it’s all good.

Barbecue Grilling Versus Smoking – The Great Debate Rages On And On And On

I like to grill foods outdoor on my grill. I also like to eat barbecue. For some people, these are the same things. They are sadly mistaken.

How to Grill Salmon – Tips to Cooking Perfect Salmon

Learning how to grill salmon or any other fish for that matter is an essential part of grilling. It can be a challenge keeping the fish together and cooking it properly, but with practice and by following these tips you will be able to properly barbecue your fish.

How to Get the Grill Taste Without the Mess and Hassle With Electric Grills

People who live in apartments and condos were a force behind the electric grills industry, because they face restrictions for grills, yet wanted the same grilling experience as people who lived in conventional homes. Modern electric grills cook in much the same way as gas or charcoal grills and provide an authentic grill taste that is enjoyed by everyone.

Summertime Blues – Getting Some Grill Skills For Summer

It’s that time of the year again. Break out the grill and some charcoal, and let’s get a fire started. Let’s slap some burgers on there, and enjoy a cold one as we soak in that summertime atmosphere. If only it were that simple, what a relief that would be.

Everything You Need to Know About Weber Grill Parts

Since the early 1950s Weber Grills have found their way into many homes. These grills are durable and sturdy. Weber grill parts can replace parts that become dysfunctional. Weber grills come in different varieties and include gas grills, infrared grills, charcoal grills, kettle grills and the most primitive barrel.

Tips For Grilling Perfect Beer Brats and Hamburgers

Grilling outside during the summer months can be an enjoyable and tasty experience. Here are a few tips to help you grill your brats and burgers to perfection.

Cooking Steaks on the Grill – The Guide to a Perfect Steak

Cooking the perfect steak on the grill is part science, part art form. Putting everything together to create the perfect steak takes time and practice. However, once you have mastered cooking steaks on the grill, you will never go out for another steak again. The following tips will provide you with the guidance needed to develop your skills towards grilling the perfect steak.

MECO Electric Grills – Grill With One of the Best

MECO electric grills are one of the most popular brands on the electric grilling market today. MECO’s electronic grills come in both table-top and cart configurations.

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