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The Masterbuilt Propane Smoker Means Great Meals

Nothing delivers great tasting meals quite like the Masterbuilt Propane Smoker. It doesn’t matter which type of meat is being served with your meal, the Masterbuilt Propane Smoker can cook them to perfection.

How To Roast Chicken Breast In Your La Caja China Roasting Box

I know you love chicken as much as your children do and that’s a good thing. Chicken meat is delicious and is good for the body too — as long as consumed in the right amounts. So in this article, I’m sharing a mouth-watering recipe you’ll surely love. You’ll also learn how to roast chicken breast in your La Caja China roasting box!

Dirty New Orleans Voodoo BBQ Sauce Recipe

This sauce is dirty, down and dirty, meaning we got down to the bottom of things, to the true ingredients of what a sauce should be. Making your own sauce may take a few minutes, but the taste and benefits are well worth the effort.

Top Marinade Recipes for the Ultimate Braai

There is nothing better than sinking your teeth into a deliciously flavoured, tender piece of meat. One of the best ways to achieve this taste sensation is by using a succulent marinade. You can use any one of these top marinade recipes for your next braai.

Tips For Grilling With Kids

Kids may drag their feet when asked to help with dinner inside but it’s a whole new ballgame when “helping” means they get to work side-by-side with mom or dad on the grill! Follow these tips and suggestions and soon you’ll have your own “mini-me” grill master standing eagerly beside you.

Making the Switch From Charcoal to Infrared

You’ve devoted years to perfecting the art of grilling over coals and the very thought of using a gas grill has a traitorous ring to it. Yet once you’re able to let go of the guilt, there are plenty of reasons to “go gas,” especially if you’re upgrading to an infrared grill. Here are our favorite reasons to make the switch from charcoal to infrared and to embrace it.

Beefeater Grills – Premium Quality Grills From Australia

Beefeater grills are a premium line of stand-alone and built-in barbecues from Australia. Australian style barbeque grills are known for their intensely high heat output, which makes them great for direct and indirect cooking. For over 25 years Beefeater has produced barbecues with functional design, good looks, and solid construction.

Why You Should Marinate Your Meat Before You Grill

Marinating your meats before you put it on the grill is key for more than just flavor. This technique can actually cut down your risk of exposure to carcinogenic compounds.

How to BBQ Chicken to Perfection

Barbecuing chicken may sound easy, but ensuring the chicken is cooked properly on the inside without burning the outside is a finer art – here’s how to impress your friends and family with the perfect cooked BBQ chicken! Like everything in life, the best results come from great preparation. Don’t just take your chicken and dunk it straight on the BBQ! Chicken, like most meat, must be prepared to get the best flavour and texture from the meat.

BBQ Grilling Safety

For grilling aficionados, the longer, brighter, warmer days of summer mean only one thing: Cookouts! Here are our secrets for a safe and tasty summer grilling experience.

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