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What Makes a Good BBQ Marinade?

I thought that I would talk a little bit about this and how you can do this in your own kitchen. Why buy something from the store when you can make it so much better at home and be proud of your own distinctive marinade.

Portable Charcoal Grill – Take Your BBQ Anywhere

Portable charcoal grills are the barbeque enthusiast’s friend, and add an air of authenticity to a rapidly modernizing form of cooking. You can cart them down to the beach, into the back garden, to a campsite, to a festival and many more locations. Charcoal has the advantage that it provides a beautiful smoky barbeque flavor, which cannot be emulated by gas, electric or infrared grilling methods. These grills are the ultimate in flexibility and come two main types.

How Can I Work With BBQ Rub Recipes?

BBQ rub recipes are not that hard to work with. First of all, we should tell you that BBQ rubs differ from barbecue sauces and marinades in that they are dry.

Can Barbecue Grill and Sophisticated Palate Be Used in the Same Sentence?

Flavor and the Menu magazine’s top 10 flavor trends of the year for 2009 includes barbecue for the first time. Now that’s hardly news to those of us who see more trees than people when we walk outside, but it apparently is a big deal to our cosmopolitan cousins.

How to Make a Baked Potato on a Gas Grill

Baked potatoes cooked on a gas grill? Yes, that’s possible. With the advanced cooking system of gas grill, you will be able to bake potatoes perfectly as you grill your main dish.

How to Care For Your Precious Weber Grill

Weber grills do not come cheap – literally and figuratively. They are quite heavy on the price tag. They are also pretty valuable in terms of their functions and the roles they play around your kitchen.

Grill Yourself a Tasty Treat

Dinners come together in a variety of manners and tools. Some meals are slow cooked in the oven or on the stove, and other meals are cooked quickly in all types of ovenware accessories. Most people enjoy all kinds of cooking and many popular dishes such as chops are made in a grill pan.

Few Easy Steps to Grilling Steak Nicely

Grilling a steak may not be as hard as it looks, there are still a few steps to it that are not mandatory, but suggested to be taken. This article goes through the basics of grilling a steak.

Steps and Tips For Grilling a Rib Eye Steak

There are several tips on how to grill a rib eye steak. It may be similar to any other grilled steaks but its main difference is the fact that it can be grilled without any seasoning at all.

Carne Asada Grilling Just Like Your Favorite Mexican Place

Continuing the Carne Asada Marinade Recipe series, the following content discusses popular grilling methods. No carne asada is complete without the techniques discussed here.

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