Smoked Shotgun Shells | How to Smoke Shotgun Shells | PART 2

Smoked shotgun shells. How to smoke shotgun shells part 2. On today’s show, we take one more look at the shotgun shell craze, and tell you exactly what, and, what not to do, to create an amazing stuffed pasta!

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Blanch Pasta. Boil water and cook 2-3 min. Soft to the touch.


Manicotti Pasta
White Rice
80/20 Ground Beef
Velveeta original block

Pre blanch pasta, cook rice 75%, dice Peppers and onions,

Mix all ingredients. then stuff Manacoti.
smoke 250-275 1 hour or so. When bacon is starting to brown blast up your pit and start basting with your favorite BBQ sauce. Total cook time should be under 2 Hours.


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