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How to Cook Chicken on the Gas Grill

Gas grill and chicken make for a nice pair whether it’s for a party or a regular family dinner. Gas grilling allows the flavors of the chicken to come out through an easy and simple cooking system.

Great Advantages of Portable Grills

However, portable grills are becoming more and more popular because they can be taken just about anywhere. Not only that, but these types of grills also have various accessories included with them. The first and main reason why portable grills are an efficient idea is because they can be easily toted around.

Weber Grill Tips – Preparing and Cooking Smoked Foods on Your Barbecue Grill

Using your Weber grill to cook great tasting smoked foods is a delightful experience – eating the finished dish is even better. However, choosing the wrong wood type to cook your favorite meat could lead to disaster. That’s why when it comes to smoking foods, it is important to choose the type of wood that is best suited to your favorite meat.

Indirect Grilling – Why Bother?

Whoa, what is this? Indirect grilling, why bother with that? I thought we were supposed to just fire up the ole grill, open a can of beer and when it is hot, just throw on the steaks and go sit down? As my kids would say when they were younger, “silly goose!”

How to Do Grilled Shrimp Recipes So They Wont Keep Falling Through the Grill Grates

How many times have you tried some new grilled shrimp recipes and someone says, “Hey, what are these little curvy things on my plate?” A lot of people have lived entirely sheltered lives, at least when it comes to good food. So many people, I know, my wife included, are used to seeing shrimp fantailed and deep fried.

Grilled Fish Recipes – Tequila Lime Tacos

Today is a special day because I am going to talk food which is dear to my heart. And that is grilled fish recipes for Mexican food. In other words, let’s do fish tacos. There is that southern Calif. influence coming out. Now I could eat fish tacos everyday because one, not only do I love them, but, two, if you do them right they are very healthy for you.

Revealed – The Secrets to a Grilled Chicken Marinade

There is no question that sometimes chicken can turn out somewhat dry and tasteless and that is why we need the Secrets to a grilled chicken marinade revealed. If we are not careful when we are grilling, yes, our chicken can becme dry, stringy, tasteless, and almost unpalatible. However, one good thing which we can do to avoid that is to use a good, grilled chicken marinade.

BBQ Grills – A Great Way to Cook

In a world filled with restaurants, cooking can begin to feel like drudgery. Take a look at cooking with a BBQ grill and your attitude just might change for the better. There is a whole world of enjoyment that can be had in the delicious world of the BBQ.

Getting Ready for a Grill – Which is Cheaper? Propane Or Natural Gas?

Running out of propane when grilling can be very frustrating. Is a natural gas grill alternative cost effective?

Wonderful Cooking With the George Foreman Grill

When it comes to cooking enjoyment and more importantly, convenience, there will be no other appliance in your kitchen that can match the George Foreman Grill. There is a variety of models to choose from, but at the top of my list is Foreman’s Grilleration Grill. It will everything all Foreman models do, plus you can cook your entire breakfast on it, from eggs to waffles.

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