Traeger Wood Pellet Grill Review: What’s all the hype!

Have you thought about getting a Traeger Wood Pellet Grill?

We will share with you the Pros and Cons of a Traeger Grill which will hopefully help you make a better informed purchase decision when deciding on which grill would be best for you.

Pros of a Traeger Grill:
* Cooking with Natural Wood – No need for propane and the Traeger Wood Pellets do not use glues or fillers potentially giving off unnatural smoke flavors. The Traeger wood pellets come in many different flavors. Hickory, Apple, Mesquite, and Pecan to name a few.
* Round Barrel Design of the cooking cavity – This creates a convection cooking atmosphere allowing more even cooking throughout the smoking process.
* It is not just for smoking meat – you can make cookies, pies, pizza, and so many other things.
* Wifire – This is Traeger’s wifi feature that allows you to control and manage the temperature from your phone.
* Temperature Probe – This gives you the perfect temperature every time.
* All the add-ons – Grill Covers, Sauces, Rubs, all perfect fit for your grill.

Cons of a Traeger Grill:
* Must use Traeger Pellets or the grill might not function properly. A quick tip about pellets is a 20 lb bag of pellets will last about the same amount of time as a 5 gal propane tank.
* The Power Outlet – when you use the grill it must be connected to AC power. So if you take the grill camping you will either need to purchase a portable battery or connect it up to a generator.
* You are limited to a max temperature of around 500 degrees. This makes it more difficult to get the true sear on a steak you may be looking for.
* Cleaning – Depending on how often you use the grill you will need to clean our the wood ashes that are created from burning wood pellets. If you do not clean them often enough you can begin to have ashes blow into your food while cooking it.

Thanks for watching! Let us know your favorite grill receipt and we will try it on a traeger!

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