Wagyu Ribeye Steaks on the Recteq Bullseye

Grilling Vs Barbecuing

Most people don’t know the difference between grilling and barbecuing. This article explains the main differences between these two cooking methods.

How to Convert a US Gas or Propane Grill For Use in France

Are you afraid of blowing up your terrace because you have hacked your US gas grill to work in Europe? Follow these short steps to convert your US gas grill so it can be used in Europe, without explosions.

Tips and Techniques of Charcoal Grilling

Charcoal grilling has been a tradition and part of the preparation in most important occasion in our household, whether it is a birthday party or a major holiday. Everyone enjoys eating various grilled recipes with a special taste of a good old-fashioned way of cooking them on a grill.

Barbecue Grill Types – How Many Different Barbecue Grills Are There?

There are three types of barbecue grills. But which one is right for you? Find out…

Helpful Tools to Make Your Barbecue Grilling Experience Even Better

Barbecues can be made easily, but not all people can cook good barbecues. To people that don’t like to make barbecues or have the drive in making one, probably what’s on your mind is barbecues are just incorporating all uncooked meat on the barbeque grill and setting up a fire.

How to Fire Up a Grill Using Char Broil Grill Parts

1. Normally propane is used for gas grills; this is usually fed from a tank for the propane through hoses. After this the gas goes through a regulator and goes out the burners to the base of your gas grill. In 1910 Dr Walter O Snelling first identified propane. This chemical, which is normally found in gaseous state, has a three carbon alkane. An odor-ant is added to propane because it is a gas that is odorless i.e. it has no smell.

Tips For Cooking With the Big Green Egg Grill

The Big Green Egg is the most versatile grill available and can be used for smoking, grilling or baking. The Egg has incredible temperature control, which allows you to cook almost anything on it. The thick ceramic walls and draft doors allow you to sear steaks at high temperatures (up to 750 degrees) or slow cook ribs at a low temperature of 200 to 250 degrees. Or if you’re craving pizza or bread, the Big Green Egg bakes better than a brick oven. Here are some tips to make cooking with your Egg even more enjoyable:

Gas Or Charcoal Grilling – What Are the Differences?

There’s nothing better than an outdoor barbecue or braai and the reason most people enjoy this activity is because of the great tasting food and the atmosphere or smoky air and the smell of meat grilling. People who see a braai or barbecue more seriously in terms of cooking the food should look at all the options of ways to cook your meat. There is a huge difference between gas grilling and charcoal grilling and recognising the difference will help you make an informed decision on what suits you best as all people have different preferences.

Why BBQ Grills Are a Must-Have This Summer

Of all the seasons known to man summer is the best especially in places where winter is present. This season is a like a break to those who experienced the long period of cold and freezing moments. Summer is best known for its delightful experience because this is the time where all activities of the previous seasons are enjoyed to the max.

Why Choose Electric BBQ Grills?

Almost all of the available grills nowadays can be used both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to the innovative ideas of the manufacturers that enables them to operate smoothly without having any problems when it comes to its heating capability.

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